Human Resources Support

The largest share of a school district’s budget is tied up in personnel costs. Is your district getting maximum use out of every dollar spent on staffing? For most districts, the honest answer is that they have no way of knowing. At SEC, we help local districts examine positions and resource allocations to ensure that hiring and finance laws are being followed and that every dollar spent on personnel is used as effectively as possible.

SEC also offers mentoring support for finance and HR leaders and efficiency studies to ensure that these departments and others are operating efficiently. SEC Human Resource Services Include:

  • Hiring Reviews: to ensure that districts are meeting legal requirements and hiring the most qualified individuals
  • Teacher Licensure Reviews and Audits: to confirm that state guidelines are being followed in hiring teachers and to review and assist with licensure salary audits
  • Salary Studies/Analyses: to compare district salaries with those of other similar entities and to review salary ranges/levels
  • Departmental Organization Analyses: to review job descriptions, pay grades, and more regarding specific departments and recommend efficiencies
  • Benefits Administration: to review employee benefits, including cafeteria benefits plans, and recommend efficiencies
  • Records Management: to conduct records reviews to ensure that state requirements are followed
  • HRMS Implementation: to assist districts in effectively using the HRMS system for hiring and managing staffing and position allocation
  • Hiring and Mentoring: to assist districts in hiring leaders for finance and human resource departments and to offer mentoring support for new finance and HR directors